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Here’s my attempt at a #ThrowbackThursday or #FlexFriday depending on where you are in the world.
Performing with Arch Enemy is literally a super intense workout for the body, mind and throat! My instrument is my body so I NEED to stay on shape. We don’t call it #beastmode for nothing! Doyle always said he stays in shape because it’s necessary for stage and I totally get it now. The level of intensity and physicality he and I put into our shows requires strength and stamina! I don’t think I would have been able to cope with the pain of performing with broken ribs for so long if I wasn’t in good shape to begin with. Why do you think Angela is ripped as hell too? We need it! Our bodies need to perform at an extremely high level, so we need to train like monsters! I literally feel like I did 2 hours of SPRINTING when I get off stage!

All this to say, THANK YOU to #MONSTERGYM in Montreal, Carmine, Vince and all the staff and friends for years of support. I used to work here while getting my band off the ground and the flexibility and understanding I was shown as an employee made it possible for me to do tours and still work a job to pay for the tours. I wouldn’t have been able to afford being in a band if not for great employers like Monster Gym. Now that music IS my career, Monster Gym continues to support me in granting Doyle and I an amazing facility in which to work out and physically prepare for tours. I’ve worked out in many gyms across the world and Monster is still #1!

Thank you to Monster Gym, Sheltoons, Hannah Promotions and the caring companies/employers of the world for giving young musicians a chance to prove their worth. Just allowing us to come in late on Monday if we played out of town on Sunday, or giving us our jobs back when we come home beaten and broke from van tours is an incredible gift. THAT’S giving back to music and supporting local artists.
Thank you!! #monstergym #carminepetrillo #beastmode #tbt #ff #flex #fitness #stamina #hiit #alissawhitegluz #doylewolfgangvonfrankenstein #archenemy #doyle #metal #punk #health #vegan #straightedge

by @doylewvf “LIVE! Tuesday
9 pm EST7/22/2014 
On STENCHRADIO.COM! Doyle W. Von Frankenstein of “DOYLE” and (Former Misfits Guitarist) and “ARCH ENEMY’S” Alissa White-Gluz LIVE! Special Guest! Hosted By Stig Stench LISTEN TO STENCHRADIO.COM ON YOUR I-PHONE, ANDROID AND I-PAD! For Airplay Email your music to *The ONLY PuNk Radio Station That Matters* THE FLAGSHIP PUNK ROCK RADIO CHANNEL

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Thank you Europe once again for an amazing run of shows! The only thing better than a friend/colleague’s birthday is when said birthday results in the apparition of vegan, organic cupcakes! Highlight of the night: yelling “DONG! Together we will rise!” At the top of my lungs!!! 🙊😹😹😹 I make me laugh so hard LOL

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