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Mercy For Animals is another animal rights association I work with and I know the Canadian team quite well. We all know killing babies is WRONG but MFA just conducted an undercover investigation exposing horrific acts of violence, as if imminent slaughter wasn’t bad enough. Baby animals being kicked, punched and abused for veal. Let’s tell the big retailers that we DON’T want this! Join me in taking action at @MFACanada

Signing my name next to one of my all time favourite vocalist/musicians: Brody Dalle! BRODY FUCKIN DALLE! Ahhhh she’s the best at everything! Busy promo tour continues; UK complete, now off to Germany! #WARETERNAL #ArchEnemy #MichaelAmott #AlissaWhiteGluz #TheDistillers #BrodyDalle #autograph #TeamRockRadio #fuckyeah #doylewolfgangvonfrankenstein #doyle

It’s a small world and the metal world is even smaller! One of the things I love the most about my job is that I am fortunate enough to have friends living all over the world. And, sometimes, you cross paths in random cities when tours are aligned! I caught #Delain hanging in Camden yesterday! I’m also featured on their new album that was just released - I highly recommend this band if you love good music and lyrics!
by @charlottewessels “When friends from the other side of the globe happen to be in the same city :):)
With Alissa White-Gluz at The Worlds End, Camden
Check out her contribution to our song “The Tragedy Of The Commons” on our new record The Human Contradiction.”

Fuck yeah! @doylewvf and I are the faces of @jeremysaffer ‘s new business cards! Such a great photographer to work with and such a talent! Thanks dude, we’re honoured! Love the choice of background music too ;)

Thank you, Japan! It was so cool to be with you all experiencing War Eternal for the first time at our listening party! I hope you liked the surprise we had for you, too! Now it’s time to hit the rest of the world with this album- next stop: Europe!

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