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St. Petersburg was fucking killer too!!! So many back to back amazing shows in Russia!! Metal is alive and well!! >:) Питер - вы были бесподобны! #saintpetersburg #russia #archenemy #archenemyband #wareternal #toureternal #alissawhitegluz #michaelamott #danielerlandsson #sharleedangelo #nickcordle #purefuckingmetal #doylewolfgangvonfrankenstein #vegan

Some fan-filmed footage from last night’s amazing show in Moscow! That’s right- if you are coming to an Arch Enemy show you better be prepared to jump, fly, scream, sing, headbang and mosh! We are strong, we are one! \m/

BRODY DALLE. Punk goddess, smart, opinionated, strong, brave and one of the best vocalists and musicians ever. This is what a role model looks like, take note boys and girls. I’m looking forward to the day being a woman is synonymous with strength and intelligence instead of sex and submission. Horns up to all my woman warriors!! @nerdjuice79 #justineethier #angelagossow #morganlander #cristinascabbia #floorjansen #mercedeslander #jasaminewhitegluz #lindsayschoolcraft


Cat-like critter fine-tunes the art of hitchhiking
Motion-activated wildlife camera traps are vital, non-invasive tools that allow conservationists to monitor the movements of animals that are rare, nocturnal or especially shy.
They’re also unsurpassed at capturing some candid moments, as conservationists at Wildlife ACT learned earlier this month.
One of the organization’s cameras set up in the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park in South Africa — one of the oldest game reserves on the continent — caught some unusual scenes involving a large-spotted genet, a cat-like animal, taking a joyride on the backs of some buffalo and rhinos.

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